Become a Hospice Volunteer


Reliance Hospice and Palliative Care provides quality services with compassion to patients and families during the latter parts of life’s journey.  Volunteers are an essential element of our Hospice Care Team.  We provide physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort while allowing patients and their families to retain as much autonomy and dignity as possible.

  • Patient Support - Every patient is different, but our suggested activities include: conversation, watching TV, assisting with reading & letter writing, helping around the house, running errands and going on outings. They act as a friend and listener for the patient. Volunteers do not provide personal care to the patient

  • Respite and Family Support – Volunteers can provide support for the family by being present with the patient so the caregiver can run errands, attend meetings, or simply have alone time. Volunteers allow caregivers to have a couple hours away.

  • Administrative – An individual can use their clerical skills with administrative tasks.

  • Bereavement – Volunteers can assist with the bereavement program. This can include facilitating a support group or sending out letters to families.

Reliance Hospice and Palliative Care provides:

  • Provide Patient Companionship and Friendship

  • Read Books, Play Games/Cards

  • Write Letters/Emails and Listen to Music

  • Watch Movies or TV

  • Do Light Housekeeping/Gardening

  • Run Errands

  • Provide Office Support

  • Provide Cosmetology

  • Provide Bereavement Support


For more information on how you can become a hospice volunteer,

please call 323-446-4493 or