Hospice Care

 Hospice care strive to provide comfort, relieve pain and improve quality of life.


Hospice is a patient and family centered approach to end of life care. Hospice respects the needs of the patient and their family as they face a serious illness where curative treatments are no longer successful. The focus of care shifts from managing the disease process to improving the quality of life. 


At Reliance Hospice, we believe in helping you live a full life. Our experienced and dedicated team will work with you to develop an individualized plan of care that focuses on symptom management and keeping you comfortable so you can enjoy each day.


Services can be provided wherever the patient resides. Reliance travels to wherever you need us to be. We structure personalized and practical programs that help patients at private homes, long-term care facilities, and assisted living communities. Reliance also has a special option to offer patients and families care at our inpatient Reliance Hospice House of Costa Mesa.

Reliance Hospice and Palliative Care is Medicare/Medi-Cal certified and accepts Medicare, Medi-Cal, private insurances, and other forms of reimbursement for services. In addition, once on their hospice benefit, many patients’ expenses are substantially reduced due to savings on prescription medications and medical equipment as long as they are related to the patient’s terminal diagnosis. 


Patients always have the right to reinstate curative care at any time, for any reason. If a patient’s condition improves or the disease goes into remission, he or she can be discharged from a hospice and return to aggressive, curative measures, if so desired. If a discharged patient wants to return to hospice care, Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance companies and HMOs will allow readmission.


When faced with a terminal illness, many patients and family members tend to dwell on the imminent loss of life rather than on making the most of the life that remains. Hospice helps patients reclaim the spirit of life and reframe hope. There's now hope for comfort, special moments together and making the most of every day.